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2015 guangzhou LED Exbihition

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Guangdong has become the important industrial conglomeration base and transaction market of advertise sign, production equipment and materials, LED illumination and display; of which, the advertise sign industry accounts for nearly 50% of market share in China. Digital and intelligence are trends of the industry. It is expected that the size of LED industry will reach 500 billion Yuan in 2015.


Based on strong resource advantage of organizer of Canton Fair, and supported by large industrial size and market in Guangdong, as required by many enterprises in ads and LED industries, Canton Fair Advertising Co., Ltd. and CFTE are dedicated to build professional and characteristic intelligent ads signs and LED full industry chain integrated solution platform – one-stop comprehensive purchase transaction platform, which facilitates the access to global market by ads and media industry, and will drive overall upgrading of industry and realize leapfrog development.



As a professional LED display production and sales integration enterprise, Lightking has been invited and will participate in this exhibition which will be held at Pazhou, guangzhou, China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall on March 1-4,2015。


In this exhibition, Lightking will exhibit at No.11.2 hall, B district, the center of the exhibition and booth number is A01 and the total area up to 229㎡.At this exhibition, we will launch some hottest and newest products!



P6.35 outdoor SMD LED Mini cube screen, this is the first time that Lightking release this product in this exhibition. It can be assembled to form the ideal shape in your heart: Letter, Number, LOGO and any figure that you can image;

P10.66 Outdoor DIP Energy-saving Display, the power consumption of this product is ultra low and the display effect is very good. Besides, the modules can be maintained in the front which is very convenient for the maintenance after-sales, it’s the most preferred LED display products for the outdoor advertising media!


P8.92 aluminum die casting floor tile display, up to IP65 and high strength which can support vehicle weight is a necessity to the stage background.


P3.12 high density and high frequency LED display, level 4 k high-definition image quality and super delicate vivid picture which absolutely can impress your eyeballs;


P6.66 outdoor die-casting aluminum arc LED display can be assembled to form a arc-shape and widely applied in the Stage leasing industry for Whole day use; This is the series products and several pixel size can be selected: P6.66, P7.62, P8, P10, P13.33.

More updates of the LED display products will be exhibited at the Lightking 2015 ISLE, on the occasion, welcome the general clients to visit the exhibition, we will continue to serve you wholeheartedly!



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