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LED marketing

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LED marketing

This is a colorful times with vivid and rich life. Public broadcastings let people have a full enjoy. But people having higher and higher color requirements have more expectations for the image display industry. Public displaying requires that screens be large in scale and clear in resolution. LCD screen is too small and PDP is not suitable to be placed in Outdoor besides high prices and short use life. As results, LED emerges. It has advantages of LCD and PDP , and features being not afraid of wind and raining, good performance of environmental prevention and energy saving . thus,LED display is very popular now.

LED is a solid semiconductor device and it can convert electric endrgy to light. LED heart is a semiconductor chip. One end of the chip is added to the stack . Moreover, one end of it is cathode, and another end is connected to anode of power supply. The whole chip is packed with epoxy resin. Semiconductor, another N-type semiconductor where electrons dominate. When two semiconductors are linked together, there forms a P-N joint between them. When current works on the chip through conductive cable, electrons are pushed toward P zone . Electrons in P zone are combined with caves. Then , they release energy by optic form. This is the mechanism of LED light emission. Light wavelength is light color depending on P-N joint materials.

The backside of opportunities is challenges. 2008 year Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Exposure , Guangzhou Asia Sports Game,and 2011 Shenzhen University Sports Game will bring opportunities for explosive development for the LED industry. Olympic can affect sport games, but also so does LED.

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