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LEDforum 2009 Debut – Predicting the Bright Future of the LED Industry

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LEDforum 2009 Debut – Predicting the Bright Future of the LED Industry

Today"s topic is about the market trend of LED Epitaxy, packaging, and lighting. The forum focuses on the detailed analysis of LED globalization and development of lighting market. The forum also indicates that current clients’ demands have gradually shifted from brightness and cheapness in the past to high-quality, eco- and user-friendliness.
In today"s agenda, it points out that with LED’s high efficiency, as well as long lifetime, it plays a crucial role in the lighting industry. In the future, more LED-related applications will be developed, new chips and packaging technologies will be adopted to reduce the production costs, and enhance the luminous efficacy.
Addressing the factors that drive the LED industry, the future industrial development depends on the market acceptance of LED’s luminous efficacy, as well as the quality and innovation of LED. In addition, energy-saving policies, such as international regulations on the brightness and safety standards of solid-state lighting, also spur the growth of the LED industry.
As for the development of high-power UV-LED application, it saids that the future chip development will focus more on higher performance products at lower costs. And the consumer application side indicates that as LED has the advantage of low maintenance costs, different specifications of LED lamps will be introduced for various purposes including general household lighting, decorating lighting in hypermarkets, office lighting, industrial lighting.
When analyzing the global lighting market, it saids that the main lighting market concentrates in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for 33.7% of the global market; followed by North America with 30.1%, and Western Europe with 22.3%, Eastern Europe 5.1%, while Africa and the Middle East accounts for approximately 4.5%. Overall, the estimated global market size is approximately 8.5 billion U.S. dollars. In the lighting market by applications, household applications account for 39%, followed by 18% in office and medical facilities, and the third largest market is outdoor lighting, which takes up 12%.
The forum also states that the outdoor lighting market has considerable growth potential, particularly in China’s fast-growing market, which currently accounts for 38% of the world"s LED outdoor lighting, surpassing North America’s 33.3%.

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