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Stage LED Display

Stage LED Display Solution

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    LED display used in stage is becoming increasingly popular. A good design can make your show much more attractive.
Generally speaking, a stage display can be used as decoration or main screen. For decoration, mesh curtain and strip display
are the best choice, but normal design displays with creative? arrangements will be fantastic as well.
    Certain equipments are needed when setting up a stage display,and there will be different ways to control when it comes
to different set-ups.As the graph shown below, it’s a most common way to run stage display:

(Graph 1)
    The video input can be any video devices such as camera, PC, DVD, Mackbook , or you can use them all at the same time.
    Video Matrix is a kind of device which can receive a set of video inputs and decide which channel you want to show on your display.
if there is more than one display, video matrix can also be used to choose which display you intend to use for a certain channel.
    The videowall system divides the video input into pieces, and then splice them as one picture. This device is utilized when one sender
is not capable of controlling  a large LED display because its resolution is too high.
    The video processor can convert nearly all kinds of video signal to DVI, which is used for most of the LED display control systems.
    In one word, the original video sources go into video matrix, then to the videowall system, the videowall system distributes different
parts of an image to different senders, and finally splices all parts of the image as one on your display.


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